Specialists in pigments, micropigmentation and microblading

Natural and high quality pigments, free of metals, amines and azo group
We have 10ml pigments approved and distributed in Europe (in Spain, use for training)
and pigments of 3g. approved by AEMPS.

CROMATIZ® produces pigments used in the Micropigmentation and Microblading technique, developed from natural pigments and subjected to the highest national and European quality controls. CROMATIZ® pigments® are applied paramedically, oncologically and aesthetically in areolas, lips, eyebrows, vitiligo, scars and eye lines.

Unlike artistic tattoos, permanent makeup is characterized by the subtle and discreet. CROMATIZ®® tries and manages to transform lost traits into beauty, achieving a natural effect..

Our philosophy is beauty without shrillness. Permanent makeup serves only to awaken its natural beauty or hide some imperfections.

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Our company

Our main mission is to provide our clients with professional, innovative and quality products and services that highlight their beauty and their own style. Cromatiz® is a sterile product free of metals and amines..


So that all our clients see their expectations fulfilled.


That our clients deposit in us and that help us to be the best..


In all our actions looking for maximum security..


With continuous innovation in services and products.


The CROMATIZ® colors are warm and of Mediterranean tones, so we get a very natural effect. These are pigments with high density, ensuring maximum color retention. In addition, they comply with the European Council Resolution ResAP 2008 (1). Non-azo pigments, free of heavy metals and amines. Sterilized by Gamma Rays and verified sterility. For sale without exclusions in the EU. Notified in the German BVL..