To provide our clients with professional, innovative and quality services and products that highlight their beauty and their own style. Cromatiz® is a sterile product free of metals and amines.


Be the manufacturers of the best product for micropigmentation and recognized microblading. Distinguished and demanded in the world of beauty and oncological aesthetics and focused on elegance and avant-garde. Always in contact with the trend and fashion to meet our most demanding customers with the maximum guarantee.


Commitment so that all of our clients can satisfactorily fulfill their expectations.
Knowing that all our products comply with the Health Regulations and are approved for their use.
Confidence that our clients deposit in us and that force us to be the best.
Excellence in all our actions seeking the maximum safety of the pigments through microbiological and toxicological tests. Having a Cromatiz®product in your hands is synonymous with safety..
Professionalism with continuous innovation in treatments, services, products and training.

Although our main values are commitment, trust, excellence and professionalism, we do not forget many to take into account. That is why our work is reflected in respect, tolerance, honesty, cordiality and altruism towards our clients, collaborating with different associations against cancer..

CROMATIZ® produces pigments used in the Micropigmentation technique, developed from natural pigments and subjected to the highest national and European quality controls. CROMATIZ pigments® are applied aesthetically on lips, eyebrows and eye lines.

Unlike artistic tattoos, permanent makeup is characterized by the subtle and discreet CROMATIZ® try and get this practice to simulate the natural.

Our philosophy is beauty without shrillness. Permanent makeup serves only to awaken its natural beauty or hide some imperfections.

Therefore, instead of having scant eyebrows and poorly defined or absent, with our technique makes them stand out through semi-permanent makeup. The naked lips are sublimated with colors and the harmony of the face is revealed..

Con el Semipermanent make up saves valuable time. The clients do not need every morning to spend a long time putting on makeup, gaining in tranquility and well-being..

In addition, makeup made with micropigmentation applied directly on the skin maintains an impeccable appearance at all hours of the day and for several years.

Unlike with the usual makeup that flows when you sweat, when it rains or with the passing of the hours, our customers have an effective solution to be perfectly made up in all circumstances.

With our range of Cosmetic Oncology products, With our range of Cosmetic Oncology products, we will meet the demand for special care required by people who suffer or have suffered from cancer and for people who have undergone any breast surgery. Developed primarily for them, they include different moisturizers with natural base, hypoallergenic gels and exfoliating creams. We include the Pigments applied in Paramedical Micropigmentation, ., destined to the reconstruction of mammary areolas.

But we put the theory into practice. Therefore we have facilities for the realization of all types of body aesthetics and micropigmentation.

We give light and color to your life..
We give light and color to your life. Take a walk through our store and discover the pleasure of beauty in the widest sense of the word.

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