CROMATIZ Pigments ® comply with all requirements of the European Union for the manufacture of dyes for intradermal use (micropigmentation and microblading or tattoo). The manufacturing process, from the selection of raw materials to the labeling of the packaging, is strictly controlled and certified according to European legislation. CROMATIZ Pigments® can be used throughout the world as high-quality and totally safe products that contain ingredients authorized for permanent makeup (according to ResAP2008)..

CROMATIZ colors® are warm and of Mediterranean tones, so we get a very natural effect. These are pigments with high density, ensuring maximum color retention.

pigmentos tonos tierra cromatiz
pigmentos tonos rojos cromatiz

They comply with the European Council Resolution ResAP 2008 (1). .

Sterile by Gamma radiation. Toxicologically safe. Over-the-counter throughout the EU..

antes y después cejas micropigmentos cromatiz cromatiz.comantes y después cejas micropigmentos cromatiz 02